onsdag 30 september 2009

Aphorism: Autumn Equinox I-V

(svensk version)


A universe on a pinhead
with a radartransmission from the point of it's needle


All that revel in hatred to one another
deflects themselves slowly like a
weather balloon at Roswell


Send all the negative energy by
focusing upon it towards the sun
so it remains positive energy

IV. (reprise)

A universe on a pinhead
with a radartransmission from the point of it's needle


Live in the pastures of your garden upon the earth
then the love is spreading the best way like the seeds there

LPWJ 23/09/09

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söndag 28 december 2008


~~~~~~~~Emmanuella Choc H. Olettha Evermore Sissah~~~~~~~~
~~~~~Distant Echoes Over Yonder-Arrived In Our Lap At Last~~~~~
Mesopotamia--echoes in my soul, echoes back...planting flowers in the ruins
come little thing, under my wings, safe from everyone....except me....
when we eachother joy bring
white and black
opposites attract
two wild cats
emerge thru Sahara back to shimmering back
nude and prude
touch the reality we dreamt at last
shy and rude
exploding in full circle and kissing as we hear ourself laugh
your laughter is soothing and shows that you care and share
Distant Echoes Over Yonder-Arrived In Our Lap At Last
good people like us always gets hurt
end of motivation in an endless suffocation
while we're leaving our thumbprints on earth
our souls patterns encompasses and float
into eachother caressing
for evermore
Remembering Over Yonder Distant Echoes
ending in awaited life from the Past that lasts
together matching, two become one in a symbol of growth
and a sign of endless flow...

Be well,

söndag 21 december 2008

Reflecting on My Curse

(svensk version)
~~~~~Reflecting on My Curse~~~~~
I am the Yule-log put into the fire
that's the only christmas bath
that can cleanse and wash away desire
I stand in the middle of the burning pentagram
As soon as I reach for love my hands get burned
as soon as some being of joy nears me touching my glamour so does she
I see an old flame dancing repeating the circle again
I see the old games in this ceremony thriving to appear the same
Deep is these feelings of me
Deep I portray to be
I tear the wrappings of my gifts and they become ash and goes up in
I tear the floor..
...remembering a song: Ashes to Ashes...Dust to Dust
The Mother of All strong, Lillith, Earth's first Lust...
Dragons spouts fire of woe and regret and I fly back into the wall
Dragons spouts fire of joy and "well met" and after a day I begin to reflect
The curse lingers on...it lurks as it comes...
The curse never shows...in daylight never los...
Aye Lo! the Day has again come.
Alas! But where did it come from?
I sit down crestfallen once again
No love and too many friends
I stand up but my legs won't bear
My heart I tear and breast I bare
I see the pointy star and the 5 flames jumping
I have been hurt so far by everyone of them
The one with lack of sincerity
The three with lack of identity
The one with lack of coherency, consistency
Yes I am the christmas goat
The Goat of Mendes
I am the fallen angel
Lucifer - the morning star
shining so bright over Bethlehem
In this O so Silent Night
The Ruler of the Earth still rules........AVE SATANAS
I shall walk over to my dark cornertable - and only watch from now on...
*Deep I sit in silence...only the willow moves outside the window...
though it's been dead and cut down some time ago...

Be well,

torsdag 18 december 2008

Another Day - Another Sorrow

(svensk version)
~~~~~Another Day - Another Sorrow~~~~~
*A lil' ol' X-mas ditty.
So Jesus was born at summer
So the Demons fly hard tonight
So many die and are born this night
So Santa was a guy from Russia named Klaus
So the X put in X-mas stands for ten
So Jesus begins with a J that is the same
So 1 to 10 and then it begins again
10 is renewal in a hidden sense
Winter is renewal in our folktradition
Food from summer and the harvest
Gifts given being lucky to be alive
We lit the Chanukah candlestick of seven
and still say jews don't go to heaven
Enjoy the Christmas Spirit
and eachother's company.
The Goat of Christmas bids thee farewell
Yes, remember me? Dionysus, Bacchus,
Baphomet, the Harvester of Earth, Thor's two too
Blasphemy? Aah, the world's a tragedy,
Enjoy the food - the company
and never dwell on thoughts of the lies
just the Remedy!
The Angels sing in choir tonight...

Be well,

tisdag 16 december 2008

The Christmas Fairy (Tomten)

(svensk version)
~*~ The Christmas Fairy ~*~
*This is an old Christmas poem that is always
on our christmas-must bottles in the north like
the Santa on the CocaCola bottles with the first
verse on it and old wintry pictures of Santa.

Midwinternight's cold is hard,
the stars glimmer and shine.
All asleep in lonely farm
deep during the hour of midnight.
The Moon travels it's silent path,
the snow shines white upon fir, pine and heart,
the snow shines white upon our roofs.
Only the Christmas Fairy wakes from the woods.
Standing there in grey at the barn's door,
grey against the white drift,
looking, as many winters before,
up towards the moon's disc,
looking to the forest, where pine and fir
draws around the farm it's shadowy girdle,
brooding, alas it seems of no avail,
over a peculiar riddle held in veils.
Brings his hand through beard and hair,
shakes his head and hood - - -
>>no, that riddle is too much to bear,
no, it can not be understood>> - - -
Chases, as he usually do, shortly
like searching thoughts away,
goes to arrange and peddle,
goes to attain but not to meddle.
Goes to provision-shed and tool-shed,
tries all locks on the doors - - -
the cows dream at the moon's lightspread
summerdreams inside the stalls;
oblivious of harness and whip and rein
Horsie in the stable too has a dream:
the crib, he leans over,
is filled with scenting clover; - - -
Goes to the fence for lamb and sheep,
sees, how they are asleep therein;
goes to the hens, where the cock's afeet
proud on his highest pin;
Rex upon kennel's straw is well,
awakes and slightly wags his tail,
Rex knows his fairy friend,
and that he is his best hairy friend.
*Santa's little helper runs to turn the next page
*Santa HO HO HO's and continues...
The Fairy finally lurks to see
the beloved gentry,
a long while, found had he
they hold his endeavours in glory;
children's chamber he then tip-toe
to see the sweet little ones he approach,
no-one must of that ill regard:
that is his greatest reward.
So he has seen them, father and son,
clean through many lines
slumber as children; but where from
do they come down through the skies?
Soon generation succeed to generation there,
bloomed, aged, went - - - but where?
The Riddle, that can not be
understood, then came back to me!
The Fairy wanders to the barn's loft:
there he has his home and hold
high up on the hay-loft in it's fragrance so soft,
near by the nest of the swallow;
now, alas, the swallow's dwelling lies empty,
but in the spring with leaf and flower she's likely
to come again to fill the void,
by the dear mate followed.
Then she always has much to twitter
about plenty a souvenir from the travels,
nothing however about the riddle,
that stirs in the fairy's marbles.
Through an opening in the barn's wall, down
on the old man's beard the moon it shines,
the streak it glimmers upon his beard,
the fairy he broods and it puzzles his head.
Quiet lies the woods and the whole country round,
life out there is frozen,
from the far and the stream's fall, sounds
alone the low silent rushing.
The Fairy listens and, half dreaming,
thinks he then hears time's streaming,
wonders, whereto it shall go,
wonders, where the fountain may flow.
Midwinternight's cold is hard,
the stars glimmer and shine.
All asleep in lonely farm
good until the first morninglight.
The Moon lowers it's silent path,
the snow shines white upon fir, pine and heart,
the snow shines white upon our roofs.
Only the Christmas Fairy wakes from the woods.
~*~*Written by Viktor Rydberg 1881.~*~
~*~Rendered by Lord Parzifal at Christmas Holidays 1996.~*~

Be well,

torsdag 11 december 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

(svensk version)
Once dedicated to
Sharon (aka Princess LoveStar).

~~~~~Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star~~~~~
Twinkle twinkle little star
all for love you know you are
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky
twinkle twinkle little star
all for love I know you are
In that wave, that single moment when...
we stop trying so hard to please the other
or even worse, our friends, and just show that we care
for eachother and stop telling about ourselves
and just turn our minds to the feelings that are there
when any word will do that reach out
to show our understanding for that what we have is rare
So...twinkle twinkle little star
I was walking in the dark......following your path...
now you follow me...princess from a dream
star fallen to the earth
like the gods once did in a distant scene
love shining from your birth
emanates from thy being, as it does from me
hits us both in a clash of passion
tonight the light we see
like the first nite with stormy clouds
ended in thunder and lightning
to just heighten the excitement
as in love's afterglow
and a beautiful aftermath
we rise above...
Yes, twinkle twinkle little star
all for love you know you are
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky
twinkle twinkle little star
all for love I know you are
yes leaning and holding onto you as time goes by
as you do me, filling the emptyness in the still of the night
you look up at a star, I look up at the same one too
our broken hearts cannot be placed in that cage...all the worlds our stage
yes life's too short to seek out bitterness
in doing so you create your own gloomy mess
the thornspread road of our longings while we caress
becomes petals from the flowers of joy into completeness.
Soulmate? your life lies like a mystery before me...
you are true
to Life, to Love, to Light
blonde vixen you...
why is that so hard for the most to grasp, we are so few
fivefold I gave to others and pain I got in return
even seemed to be understanding but in action showed nothing had learned
their played innocence since long been taken as I discovered burned
you're the first to have turned the tables
don't even feel the need to open my mouth
no lesson you need to learn
if I do stand crestfallen,
it is from being amazed from such a positive turn
catwoman purring softly in my lap
I never get before I give, receive before I please and seldom even then
so hear these words...
~ Love ~
Now we say it halfheartedly and it's full of both pity and joy
based on the friendship we share blooming beyond control
later we'll say it both full of experience and soon of smiles and sorrow,
closer we are both, we entwine and wrap eachothers arms around eachothers hearts.

*Last 4 lines are also Part V of Winter Short Poems.

Be well,

onsdag 10 december 2008

Breathless Light

(svensk version)
~Breathless Light~

Breathless light
in the deep of the night
leaves you in fright
at first sight
flashing skies
in the depth of thunder's rays
below it life of man lies
another time saved
Breathless night
in awe upon it gaze
surrender to it's might
the light in the dark's haze
energy fills the air
above where once your frightened stare
met the cracking of the first flare
below you think you lie but you're still standing there
surrounded by...
Breathless light
encompassed by...
Breathless night
surrendering to your...
Breathless fright
engulfed you're given it's...
Breathless might
sharing the Breathless light.
~LordParzifal~ 20Jul99

Be well,